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Envelop/p/e is an  artzine curated by Laurent Estoppey published twice a year.

In each issue Estoppey invites about fifteen artists from various fields to create an artwork fitting...in an envelope.

Estoppey gives a title to the contributors, made of several words, purposefully out of their original context.


Envelop/p/e est un artzine proposé par Laurent Estoppey paraissant deux fois l'an.

Dans chaque numéro, il invite une quinzaine d'artistes de tous horizons artistiques à créer une oeuvre...entrant dans une enveloppe.

Laurent Estoppey donne un titre aux contributeurs, constitué d'une série de mots décontextualisés.



Launch of issue #1

October 6, 2018 at 7 pm

Scuppernong Books, Greensboro

December 6, 2018 at 7:30pm

Librairie de la Louve, Lausanne

Lancement du numéro #1

Le 6 octobre 2018 à 19h

Scuppernong Books, Greensboro

Le 6 décembre 2018

Librairie de la Louve, Lausanne


Title of issue #1 is:

A television, an Xbox, a wedding ring and a revolver

Le titre du numéro #1 est:

Une télévision, une playstation, une alliance et un revolver


Contributors to this issue are:

Antonio Albanese, musician, writer, Lausanne, CH,

Emily Aiken, dancer, writer, NYC,

Paul Bright, curator, visual artist, Winston Salem, NC

Eugene Chadbourne, musician, Greensboro, NC

Graham Holt, poet, Greensboro, NC

Justin Holt, musician, Thomasville, NC

Laurent Lourson, writer, visual artist, London, UK

David Menestres, musician, Durham, NC

Benoit Moreau, musician, Renens, CH

Elizabeth Perrill, art historian, Greensboro, NC

Gil Pidoux, writer, painter, comedian, Mézières, CH

Olivier Saudan, painter, Lausanne, CH

Immanuel SK, musician, writer, Lausanne, CH

Guillaume Vionnet, lawyer, musician, artist


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envelope bright.jpg

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Antonio Albanese, Lausanne, CH

Après ses études au Conservatoire de Lausanne, rejoint la Manhattan School of Music à New York pour étudier sous la direction de David Starobin.

Au sein de différents ensembles de musique de chambre (dont la compagnie CH.AU, degré21 avec Laurent Estoppey) il a participé à la création de nombreuses œuvres contemporaines. 

Licencié en Histoire de l’art de l’Université de Lausanne, Antonio Albanese enseigne le français au Gymnase de Beaulieu ainsi que l’histoire de l’art au sein de ce même établissement ainsi qu’à l’Ecole d’art cantonale de Lausanne (ECAL).

Romancier il publie aux éditions de l’Age d’Homme.



Emily Aiken, New-York

Emily Aiken, holds an MFA in Choreography from the University of North Carolina Greensboro, where she also received her BFA in Dance. Emily is also working toward her Mental Clinical Health Counseling Masters through North Carolina State’s online distance education program to pursue health coaching as a Licensed Professional Counselor. Artistically, Emily investigates performance art, ritual, writing, modeling, and improvisational intuition. Emily has performed with Justin Tornow and CompanyCollapss (COLLective for hAPpy SoundS), Sandra Kramerova, Thea Little, and currently dances for Valerie Green/ Dance Entropy of Queens, NYC. Emily is excited to embark on “Dream on, Wild Creation”, an international dream exchange that can be found at dreamonwildcreation.weebly.com


Paul Bright, Winston Salem, NC

Paul Bright was born in Cleveland, Ohio and graduated from the University of South Carolina.

As an artist, Bright is interested mostly in permutations of “the found.” Having adopted collage early as his primary approach, he continues to employ it in both material works often formed from found and de-collaged elements and in aural collages composed from sound he records. His work has been shown in the US, Germany, England, Italy, Switzerland, and Canada, and is part of several museum and numerous private collections.


His non-artist professional life began with work in art museums while in college, and has additionally encompassed tenures in history museums and arts centers as well as art galleries. He has worked as an exhibition and design director and curator. This multifaceted experience coalesces in his current role as the Director of the Charlotte and Philip Hanes Gallery at Wake Forest University.


Eugene Chadbourne, Greensboro, NC

The task of describing the life and work of Eugene Chadbourne (aka Doc Chad) is more than daunting. His music is so unique, and his output over more than 40 years of music-making is so vast, as to defy description To that must be added so many other skills and important contributions to music. He is truly a Renaissance man, a rebel among rebels.

The list of artists he has collaborated with runs into pages. Camper Van Beethoven, John Zorn, Aki Takase, Jimmy Carl Black, and the Violent Femmes are just a handful, appearing in clubs, galleries and festivals and in one case, a command performance with Tony Trischka for William S. Burroughs. His favorite setting besides solo is in duo with a reliable drummer, a list that from him not only includes the aforementioned Black but Han Bennink, Paul Lovens, Ed Cassady (Spirit), Monty Oxymoron (The Damned), Famoudou Don Moye (The Art Ensemble of Chicago), Manni Neuimier (Guru Guru) and Ernie Durawa (Sir Douglas Quintet, Texas Tornadoes).

He has also written widely about music, inventing the touring diary when he described his travels with Shockabilly in 1984, and creating books including I Hate the Man Who Runs This Bar and the 2016 autobiographical Dreamory. He is one of the founders of the "low-fi" or "low tech" movement that came to see thousands of artists creating and releasing their own cassettes (and now CDs) on their own labels. He has also inspired many as a creator of instruments. His electric rake has motivated many artists to build new instruments and expand the sonic landscape. When you combine all of the above with his penchant for speaking out loud and clear about what exactly the hell seems to be going on, you have an unforgettable artist whose connection to folk is both deep and wide.

Gary Heidt, Greensboro, NC

Gary Heidt is a theater and music improvisor, writer and multimedia artist. He has performed across the United States and Europe. His poems have been published internationally; he has invented several new genres of poetry; and has exhibited at galleries in New York and North Carolina. He is cofounder of Lovesphere, a 67 year performance project currently in its 24th year, and of the Perceiver of Sound League, which hosts a monthly improvised music series in Greensboro, N.C. He DJs on WUAG and WZOO.


Graham Holt, Greensboro, NC

Graham Holt lives in Greensboro NC. He can be reached by email at gholtpllc@gmail.com


Justin Holt, Thomasville, NC

Justin Holt is an artist and musician who lives and works in North Carolina. He is an Avant-garde saxophonist, composer, improviser, painter, and founder of the pink lady apple house. 


David Menestres, Durham, NC

David Menestres plays double bass, though he’s not a bass player. David Menestres writes words, though he’s not a writer. David Menestres produces and hosts a radio show, though he’s not a DJ. David Menestres writes music, though he’s not a composer. David Menestres makes art, though he’s not an artist. Mostly, David Menestres is just a bit of energy trapped in a decaying flesh suit like everyone else on this empty rock circling a sun in a solar system circling other systems in an ever-expanding universe. 


Benoit Moreau, Renens, CH

Born in 1979, Benoit Moreau is a sound artist, instrumental and electroacoustic music composer. He plays piano, clarinet and live electronics. He is active in the field of experimental and improvised music, performance, sound installation, film and theater. Benoit Moreau is also leading a project in artistic research at Lausanne's University of Music called Opera?. His interest for new artistic forms – around sound or not – drives him to find new strategies to create and new ways to collaborate with other people and confront his intuitions to a group. His Rue du Nord Ensemble which he initiated a long time ago is dedicated to new music and all it's variety of forms and is symbolic of these aspirations. 
website:  http://benoitmoreau.blogspot.com


Elizabeth Perrill, Greensboro, NC

Elizabeth Perrill is a scholar of art and history.

Her contributions to envelop/p/e are concrete, intangible, and ongoing.


Gil Pidoux, Lausanne, CH

Ecrivain-comédien-metteur en scène-peintre



Une centaine de spectacles. Plus de 40 décors.

Une quinzaine d’expositions. Une vingtaine de livres.


Fondateur de : Quinzaine artistique d’Orbe.

Festival de la cité Lausanne.

Jeux du Castrum Yverdon (avec Zaneth)

Prix des ecrivains Vaudois 1998

Prix Citroën Salon du livre Genève 1991

Medaille d’Or de la Renaissance Française


Olivier Saudan, Lausanne, CH


Né en 1957 à Zurich 

Vit et travaille à Lausanne (CH), Cap Ferret (FR) et Vallérargues (FR)



Activités artistiques


1980    Diplôme d'expression picturale. Ecole Supérieure d'Arts Visuels, Genève

1983    Prix de la Banque Bruxelles Lambert, Lausanne 

1987    Bourse Fédérale des Beaux-Arts 

1989    Bourse de la Fondation du Jubilé de l'UBS 

1991    Bourse de la Fondation Gaspoz, Valais 

2001    Bourse de la Fondation Leenaards, Lausanne 

2002    Distinction culturelle de la ville de Morges 

2007    Lauréat du prix peinture 2007 de la FEMS, Fondation Edouard et Maurice Sandoz 


La liste complète des expositions est consultable sur le site de l'artiste


Immanuel SK, Lausanne, CH

Immanuel SK est né au XXe siècle, et il vit encore au XXIe siècle.


Guillaume Vionnet, Lausanne, CH

Guillaume Vionnet vit et est établi en Suisse.

Sa carrière demeure largement inconnue.


En 2012, il passe une journée à Garrison, sur les bords de l'Hudson, NY.