April 7, Greensboro @the Yellow spot, Collapss

April 5, Gainesville, FL @UF Pictures at the Micro-exhibition by Navid Bargrizan

March 29, Morges, CH @Patinoire BABEL ON ICE with ensemBle baBel

March 22, Pully, CH @théâtre de la Voirie A Piacere, with Pascal Desarzens

March 8, Geneva, CH ensemBle baBel plays Concerto(s) with Laurent Bruttin and Thierry Debons

February 23, Greensboro, NC @GPS Collapss with Double Double

February 22, Greensboro, NC @GPS Double Double, with Justin Holt, Tom Woods and Nick Stott

February 21, Winston-Salem, NC @Monstercade Double double, with Justin Holt, Tom Woods and Nick Stott

February 21, Greensboro, NC @Scuppernong Books, Cloud Diary with Steve Mitchell and Ben Singer

January 29, Raleigh, NC @NCSU Arts NOW series with Rob Nathanson

January 27, Wilmington, NC @Cameron Art Museum with Rob Nathanson and William Neil

January 24, Geneva, CH @l’abri ensemble Vortex / Quadrilatère

January 21, Lausanne, CH @SMC-Contemporary Music Society 1+1 Give me five with Anne Gillot


December 20 Morges (CH) @villa moyard ensemBle baBel with Nicolas Carrel

December 6 Lausanne (CH) @librairie de la Louve envelop/p/e #1 launch

December 4 Morges (CH) @villa moyard ensemBle baBel with Gaël Bandelier

November 30, Geneva (CH) @Alhambra ensemBle baBel meets Batida, around Comics graphic scores

November 29, Geneva,CH @Victoria Hall Rhapsody in Blue with Orchestre de la Suisse Romande

November 16, Huddersfield, UK @Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival ensemBle baBel plays Christian Marclay

November 1/4, Lübeck, Germany, Saxophone masterclasses, improvisation workshop and concert @Young Saxophone Academy

October 28/31, Bucarest/Brazov, Rumania NEC ensemble plays Estoppey's Challenger 321 for ensemble

October 25, La Chaux-de-Fonds, CH NEC ensemble premieres Estoppey's Challenger 321 for ensemble

October 20, Greensboro @Glenwood Bookstore, ‘cause of the kids, with Gary Heidt and Nick Stott

October 20, Durham @Poneysaurus, ACLU Benefit with Polyorchard

October 14, Gainesville, FL Solo piece by Navid Bargrizan @ Hart Museum of Art

October 13, Gainesville, FL Solo recital @UF

October 12, Gainesville, FL Saxophone Composition workshop @University of Florida

October 6, Greensboro, NC @scuppernong books envelop/p/e #1 launch

October 2, Durham, NC @thecoffeehouse, Polyorchard

August 25, Morges, CH @Villa Moyard ensemBle baBel Pochette surprise #1

August 23, Geneva, CH recording of Ravel's Boléro with Orchestre de la Suisse Romande

August 23, Lausanne, CH Zkrabuj et Chou et Pâté NC3 album release

August 14, Durham, NC @The Carrack Polyorchard

August 12, Durham @Arcana Out&Gone CD's release party

August 4, Greensboro, NC @Scuppernong Books  Out&Gone CD's release party

July 6, Geneva, CH, with Orchestre de la Suisse Romande

June 24, Mexico City @Bandini with Juanjosé Rivas and Carlos Allegre

June 19-23 Charlotte, NC @New Music Festival with Red Clay Quartet artists in residence

June 15/16, Lausanne (CH) @ O Vallon baBeLeon Songlines

May 11, Lausanne (CH) @2.21 ensemBle baBel with Leon

May 10, Lausanne (CH) @2.21 ensemBle baBel with Leon

May 5, Nîmes (F) @Delco Festival Quadrilatere Festival

May 3, Bern (CH) @French church, Give me five, with 1+1

May 2, Biel (CH) @Centre Pasquart, Give me five, with 1+1

April 17, Brooklyn @chez Ratzcow with Brianna Taylor and Emily Aiken

April 16, Brooklyn @Bailey's bar with Brianna Taylor and Emily Aiken

April 7, Greensboro, NC @Scuppernong Books with Anders Astrand, Mark Engebretson, Collapss...

April 3, Durham, NC @The Carrack  Polyorchard

March 31, Black Mountain College {re}happening with Polyorchard and Cyanotype

March 30, Chapel Hill, NC @Night Life with Polyorchard

March 23, Saxapahaw, NC with Godspeed you! Black Emperor

March 22,Wilmington, NC @UNCW New Music Festival, From darkness into light by William Neil

March 21, Wilmington, NC @UNCW New Music Festival,  Driveline by David Kechley

March 19, Greensboro, NC @the Code Gallery  Lovesphere festival 23 We're all in this together

March 18, Greensboro, NC @radio WUAG Lovesphere festival 23 solo

March 17, Greensboro, NC @Glenwood Bookstore Lovesphere festival 23 with 1=0 and The Lovesphere Orchestra

March 11, Cincinnati, OH @NASA Conference Alp-Stereophonic with Arturo Corrales

March 9, Indianapolis, IN @Listen Hear Alp-Stereophonic with Arturo Corrales

February 26, Lausanne (CH) @2.21 baBeLeon Songlines

February 18, Greensboro, NC @Scuppernong Books Steve Mitchell's Cloud diaries

January 31, Geneva (CH) @ l'Abri Quadrilatere live with Vortex Ensemble


December 18, Raleigh, NC, @Neptune's parlor  Zkrabuj et Chou et Pâté with Luc Müller part of Polyorchard 5 years events

December 17, Greensboro, NC Live@radio WUAG  Zkrabuj et Chou et Pâté with Luc Müller

December 16, Greensboro, NC @Glenwood Bookstore Zkrabuj et Chou et Pâté with Luc Müller

December 13, Sao Paulo  @IMS (Instituto Moreira Salles) ensemBle baBel plays Christian Marclay

December 10, Rio de Janeiro @Novas Frequencias Festival ensemBle baBel plays Christian Marclay

December 4, Lausanne (CH) @Le Bourg ensemBle baBel / LUFT / The LP Company premiere: Mr Smith presents: Music for Cars vol.12

December 2, Morges (CH) @Villa Moyard ensemBle baBel meets Olivier Saudan

November 29/30, Geneva (CH) Multiversum by Peter Eötvös with l'Orchestre de la Suisse Romande, conducted by Peter Eötvös

November 18, Lausanne (CH) @Industrie 10, Alone ? Solo

November 15, Geneva (CH) Boléro by Maurice Ravel with l'Orchestre de la Suisse Romande, conducted by Jonathan Nott

November 9, Greensboro, NC, @Scuppernong Books Poetry with Stuart Dischell

November 4, Greensboro, NC @GPS Alone, solo by Laurent Estoppey

November 3, Greensboro, NC @GPS Collapss /  performance for First Friday

November 2, Durham, NC @The Carrack Alone, solo by Laurent Estoppey

November 1, Winston-Salem, NC @Bright Leaf Books Alone, solo by Laurent Estoppey

October 21, Greensboro, NC @Arcana / Out & Gone Party releaseOctober 10, Durham, NC @The Carrack, Polyorchard Exsufflation series/ 17 by Jacques Demierre

October 7, Durham, NC @Arcana / Out & Gone Party release

September 12, Durham, NC @The Carrack, Polyorchard Exsufflation series/  Premier of 18 for ensemble by Laurent Estoppey

September 7, Greensboro, NC, @Scuppernong Books Collapss

August 12, Greensboro, NC @Pop of the world studios, with Eugene Chadbourne

July, Venice (I) ensemBle baBel @Venice Biennale, French pavilion / Xavier Veilhan / STUDIO-VENEZIA

June 20th, Durham, NC @Carrack, Polyorchard / Andrew Weathers

June 17th, Greensboro, Chamber Crawl with CollapssMay 27, Solothurn (CH) Literary days, Pascale Kramer Swiss Prize with ensemBle baBel

May 26, Paris (F) Halle St-Pierre  Black Dahlia with ensemBle baBel

May 23, Pully (CH) Musée des Beaux-arts Black Dahlia with ensemBle baBel

May 20, Avignon (F) Black Dahlia with ensemBle baBel

May 12, Rolle (CH) Orchestre de la Suisse Romande / Charlie Chaplin / City Lights

May 6, Lausanne (CH) @Espace Echallens, ensemBle baBel with Louis Schild / 132 / exhibition by Simon Paccaud

April 18, Durham, NC, @Carrack Modern, Exsuffliation series, Collapss meets Polyorchard

April 15, Greensboro, NC, @Glenwood Bookstore, ensemBle baBel meets Polyorchard

April 14, Greensboro, NC, @Gibb's hundred brewery ensemBle baBel meets Collapss / more gas stations

April 11, Winston-Salem, NC, @SECCA ensemBle baBel / Christian Marclay

April 10, Greensboro, NC, @weatherspoon museum of arts ensemBle baBel / Christian Marclay

March 30, Wilmington, NC Cameron Museum of Arts

March 21, Durham, NC @Carrack with David Menestres

March 19, Greensboro, NC JIZO with Gary Heidt, Tom Woods and Vattel Cherry

March 18, Greensboro, NC SOLO Lovesphere festival

March 17, Greensboro, NC @radio WUAG/GPS Lovesphere festival

March 3, Greensboro, NC @GPS UNCG Collage concert, with Steve Stusek

February 17, Greensboro, NC @GPS COLLAPSS

February 5-8-10-12, Lausanne (CH) Orchestre de Chambre de Lausanne (OCL) Opera Hamlet by Ambroise Thomas

February 4, Morges (CH) ensemBle baBEl Music for Gas Stations Website Live

January 2, Raleigh, NC, with Eugene Chadbourne

January 11, Raleigh, NC, with James Gilmore, David Menestres, Shawn Galvin, Vattel Cherry



December 18, WUAG radio Greensboro, Live online JIZO, with Gary Heidt, Vattel Cherry, Agimah Busch, Sandy Blocker

December 18, Greensboro, NC @mack&mack, Eugene Chadbourne, Merely Chadmas

December 13, Durham, NC @Carrack Modern, Tribute to Pauline Oliveros

December 10, Greensboro, NC COLLAPSS Phil Kline's Unsilent night and show

November 15-22 Russia (Moscow, St-Petersburg, Alexandrov, Perm, Nizhny Novgorod) Ready Made for Sale with Moscow Contemporary Ensemble, O.Cuendet, D.Kourliandski

November 5, Greensboro, NC @shiners JIZO, with Gary Heidt, Vattel Cherry, Agimah Busch, Sandy Blocker, Tom Woods

October 28, Berlin, Hamburger Banhof, ensemBle baBel plays Christian Marclay

October 14, Greensboro, NC, COLLAPSS

October 8, Greensboro, NC North Carolina Saxophone Festival, special guest, concerts, workshops

October 1, Lausanne, CH Festival Flûtes en Jeu, Zugunruhe, composition by Anne Gillot and LE for 100 recorder players

September 30, Lausanne, CH Festival Flûtes en Jeu, Apéro 1+1 with Urs Leimgruber and Benoît Moreau

September 26, Lausanne, CH Festival Flûtes en Jeu, Apéro 1+1 with Dragos Tara and Patricia Bosshard

September 23, Schwaz, Austria, baBel plays Christian Marclay

September 22, Lausanne, CH Festival Flûtes en Jeu, Apéro 1+1 with Antoine Läng and Cyril Bondi

September 20, Lausanne, CH Festival Flûtes en Jeu, Apéro 1+1 with Thomas Peter and Luc Müller

September 18, Lausanne, CH 'Topophoniques' with baBel and 1+1

September 2, Greensboro, NC UNCG Art Truck at First Friday Collapss plays 2'4U

August 28, Greensboro,NC @Empire Books Collapss

August 20, Cernier, CH, Jardins Musicaux, baBel meets NEC 'Saul Song'

August 19, Cernier, CH, Jardins Musicaux 'Le dernier songe de Samuel Beckett' de Pierre Jodlowski

July 20-29 USA (Greensboro, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Detroit, Cleveland) ensemBle baBel Music for Gas Stations

July 12, Durham, NC, Carrack Modern, JIZO, with Sandy Blocker, Vattel Cherry and Gary Heidt

July 2, Durham, NC, Carrack Modern COLLAPSS residency part.2

June 29, Durham, NC, Carrack Modern COLLAPSS residency part.1

June 25, Lausanne, CH, ensemBle baBel, Christian Marclay, La nuit des Images, musée de l'Elysée

June 25, Lausanne (CH) EJMA, Hommes Orchestres with Brice Catherin

June 23, St-Genis / Pouilly (F) Hommes Orchestres with Brice Catherin

June 22, Chêne-Bougeries (CH) @ptt Hommes Orchestres with Brice Catherin

June 21, St-Sulpice, CH, ensemBle baBel, performance with kids

June 14, Brooklyn, National Sawdust, with Martin Creed

June 8-11, New-York, Park AvenueArmory, with Martin Creed

May 21, Greensboro, NC, Glenwood community bookstore, Cyanotype (with Dan Ruccia)

May 3-6, Nîmes (F) Delco Festival, concerts and workshops around music by Christian Marclay

April 17, Greensboro, NC, Collapss

April 12, Durham, NC, Cyanotype Quartet

March 31, Wilmington, NC, Collapss

March 21, Greensboro, NC, Empire Books, Collapss

March 19, Greensboro, NC, Glenwood Bookstore

March 19, Greensboro, NC, PB&Java with Eugene Chadbourne

March 9, Lausanne, We Spoke around Martin Creed

March 5, La Chaux-de-Fonds (CH) CMC concert series, music by Victor Cordero and Eric Gaudibert

March 2, Barcelona, We Spoke, Bernhard Lang Songbook DW16

February 12, Greensboro, NC, Empire Books Collapss

February 6, Bern (CH) ensemBle baBel and Jacques Demierre, FRIM final concertJanuary 30, Greensboro, NC, Fringe festival, Confluence Dance Project

January 29, Greensboro, NC, Fringe festival, Confluence Dance Project

January 28, Greensboro, NC, Fringe festival, Confluence Dance Project

January 16, Stuttgart (D)  Staatsgalerie  ensemBle baBel plays Christian Marclay

January 14, Stuttgart (D) StaatsgalerieChalkboard by Christian Marclay



December 19, Morges (CH) Villa Moyard, Performance for Olivier Saudan and Antonio Albanese with Zkrabuj et chou et pâté

December 17, Lausanne (CH) Cercle littéraire Est-ce entre le majeur et l'index, dans un coin de la tête que se trouve le libre arbitre? Performance with Antonio Albanese

December 14-15, Lausanne (CH) Concerto(s) with ensemBle baBel, Ikue Mori and Sylvie Courvoisier

December 5, Greensboro, NC, COLLAPSS performs Unsilent night by Phil Kline

November 20, Greensboro, NC, Empire Books, STACKS new project, part of COLLAPSSNovember 17, Durham, NC, Cyanotype Quartet, Carrack Modern

November 8, Greensboro, NC, Cyanotype Quartet, house concert

November 8, Greensboro, NC, UNCG Collage Series, STACKS

November 6, Greensboro, NC, First Friday, COLLAPSS, The Art Truck Project

October 23, Greensboro, NC, Empire Books, COLLAPSS 1970's

October 4, Lausanne (CH) ensemBle baBel, Music for Gas Stations, Prelude

September 26, Meyrin (CH) ensemble baBel, Squares/Latin lovers with STT Company

September 20, Chapel Hill, NC, Ackland Museum of Art, Cyanotype

September 18-19, Greensborom NC, The Crown at Carolina Theater, Home again before yesterday, Confluences and Collapss

September 16, Greensboro, NC, COLLAPSS @scuppernong Books

September 8, Raleigh, NC, COLLAPSS @NCSU, Art Now series

August 7, Greensboro, NC Trio with Scott Burland and Frank Schultz (Duet theremin and lap steel)

July  17, Montreux Jazz Festival, with Zaz and Sinfonietta de Lausanne

July 9-14 Strasbourg (F) World Saxophone Congress. Trio with Julia Nolan & Steve Stusek + STACKS duo + Frisax saxophone ensemble

July 11, Strasbourg (F) STACKS + Julia Nolan Trio, Premiere by Nic Scherzinger

July 10, Strasbourg (F) World Saxophone Congress, STACKS

July 6, Paris, Fondation des Etats-Unis COLLAPSS & STACKS

July 5, Morges (CH) Villa Moyard COLLAPSS

July 4, Lausanne (CH) Projections ensemBle baBel meets COLLAPSS and TAGTOOL (AUT)

July 3, Divonne-les-Bains (F) Est-ce entre le majeur et l'index, dans un coin de la tête que se trouve le libre arbitre? Performance with Antonio Albanese

June 28, Geneva (CH), SOLO for BIG, @ptt @MAMCO

June 26, Greensboro, NC, Empire Books, COLLAPSS

May 30, Greensboro, NC, Mack&Mack, COLLAPSS Europe Fundraising

May 12, Durham, NC, Carrack Modern, F.T.I. improv with David Menestres and Kenny Phelps-McKeown, double bass

May 4-5 Luzern (CH) Saxophone Masterclass @Luzern Hochschule

May 2, Bologna (I) Festival Angelica, Christian Marclay ensemBle baBel

April 30, Vevey (CH), Musée Jenisch, ensemBle baBel, Printmaking by ECAL

April 22-26 Vevey (CH) Théatre de l'Oriental CH.AU / The Musical

April 3, Greensboro, NC @Empire Books, COLLAPPS & POLYORCHARD play Zorn's COBRA

March 29, Durham, NC, COLLAPPS & POLYORCHARD play Zorn's COBRA

March 28, Blacksburg, VA, Seamus 2015 conference, The encounter of the immobile

March 22, Geneva (CH) Archipel, ensemBle baBel / Christian Marclay,

March 18, Wilmington, NC, UNCW, SF duo

March 17, Winston-Salem, NC, SF Duo

March 16, Greensboro, NC, UNCG, SF Duo

March 1, Miami, FL, University of Miami, STACKS with Steve Stusek

February 27, Orlando, FL, University of Central Florida, STACKS with Steve Stusek

February 26, Gainesville, FL, University of Florida, STACKS with Steve Stusek, masterclass with Dr.Helton's sax studio and Dr.Sain's composition studio.

February 24, Statesboro GA, Georgia southern, University, STACKS with Steve Stusek, masterclass with Dr.Bryan's saxophone studio, Max/MSP workshop with Dr.Thompson's studio

February 23, Westminster Academy, GA, STACKS with Steve Stusek, workshop with students

February 22, Charlotte, NC (UNCC) STACKS with Steve Stusek, masterclass with Dr.Campbell's studio

February 20, Greensboro, NC (UNCG) STACKS with Steve Stusek Official release of the new STACKS DVD

February 15, Greensboro, NC (UNCG) STACKS with Steve Stusek

February 6, Greensboro, NC @Empire Books, COLLAPSS

February 1, London, SF DUO, re:sound, Shoreditch Church

January 31, London (UK) White Cube, 'Liquids' performance for Christian Marclay

January 30, London (UK) Saxophone Masterclass, Royal College of Music

January 29, London (UK), Swiss Church, SF Duo, with Antoine Françoise 

January 28, London (UK) Masterclass about saxophone for composers, Royal College of Music

January 24, Marignier (F) Est-ce entre le majeur et l'index, dans un coin de la tête que se trouve le libre arbitre? with Antonio Albanese

January 18, Lausanne (CH) Théâtre 2.21 L'état des choses

January 17, Lausanne (CH) Espace Echallens Music and questions 2

January 10, Greensboro, NC, @Mack and Mack, COLLAPSS 


December 9, Durham, NC, Carrack FIT, with Dan Ruccia, David Menestres, Heidi Wait, Jamie Keesecker

November 28, Geneva (CH) OSR Strauss, Sinfonia Domestica

November 27, Lausanne (CH) OSR Strauss, Sinfonia Domestica

November 26, Geneva (CH) Orchestre de la Suisse Romande, cond. Neeme Järvi, Richard Strauss, Sinfonia Domestica

November 22, Circuit, Lausanne (CH) recording Sudden Archives by Julien Sirjacq

November 20-21-22, Lausanne (CH), La Grange Dorigny ensemBle baBel + water water "La very music boxe"

November 14, Lausanne, Music and Questions n°1 Echallens 13, Lausanne, CH

November 8, Annemasse (F) Lettres Frontières, literary performance with Antonio Albanese

November 2, Greensboro, NC Mack and Mack, Forecast New Music (Rich On Repeats)

October 28, Raleigh, NC, NC State, 7pm solo concert (Mâche, Itoh, Waschka, Rich, Estoppey)

October 20, Raleigh, NC, 7pm PolyOrchard

October 8, Green Bean, Greensboro, NC 7pm, La Rencontre de l'Immobile

October 6, Neptunes, Raleigh, NC, 7pm PolyOrchard

October 3, Greensboro, NC, Elsewhere, COLLAPS

September 20, Greensboro, NC, UNCG, Carolina Saxophone Festival

September 19, Greensboro, NC, Weatherspoon Art Museum, COLLAPSS

September 14, Bern (CH) Paul Klee Center ensemBle baBel plays pieces by Christian Marclay

September 10, Vevey (CH) Herbbag Opening, solo performance

September 6, Vevey (CH) discollectif / rue du nord, théâtre de l'Oriental

August 27, Greensboro, Greenhill Gallery, Marin Marais La Folia, with dancer Brianna Taylor

August 25, Minneapolis, Walker Art Center, Screen Play / Graffiti Composition by Christian Marclay with Ikue Mori and anthony Coleman

June 22, Romainmotier (CH) Espace De Andrès-Missirlian, ensemBle baBel La Ville

June 21, Lausanne (CH) Fête de la Musique, ensemBle baBel SQUARES

June 13, Morges (CH) espace Moyard, ensemBle baBel, La Ville qui

June 12, Lausanne (CH) 4ème à gauche, solo "la rencontre de l'immobile"

June 8, Piégon (F) solo "la rencontre de l'immobile"

June 5, Nîmes (F) solo, Tarot de Marseille

June 1 Genève (CH) Orchestre de la Suisse Romande. Terry Riley "At the Majestic" 

May 30 Genève (CH) Orchestre de la Suisse Romande. Terry Riley "At the Majestic" 

May 29, Nîmes (F) solo "la rencontre de l'immobile" 

May 28 Genève (CH) Orchestre de la Suisse Romande. Terry Riley "At the Majestic" European premiere

May 26, Genève (CH) @ptt solo "la rencontre de l'immobile"

May 22, Renens/Lausanne (CH) @ECAL. ensemBle baBel plays video pieces by Christian Marclay

May 20, Geneva (CH) Galerie SAKS, ensemBle baBel, La ville qui

April 25, Greensboro, NC, COLLAPSS 8, @Empire Books

April 15, Greensboro, NC, Wei Dai master recital, Sax duet with Steve Stusek

April 11, Wilmington, NC, UNCW solo "Finally alone!"

April 2, Atlanta, GA, Eyedrum art & music gallery, COLLAPSS tour

April 1, Charlotte, NC, COLLAPSS tour

March 31 Winston-Salem, UNCSA, COLLAPSS graphic scores masterclass

March 29, Greensboro, NC, UNCG dance building, LA FOLIA, around Marin Marais, with Brianna Taylor, dance

March 28, Greensboro, NC @Empire Books, COLLAPSS 7

March 23 Champagne-Illinois NASA biennal conference. Mark Engebretson's The difficulties

March 21 Champagne-Illinois NASA biennal conference. Duet with Steve Stusek, music by Guerandi, Wei and Estoppey (premiere)

March 16 Neuchâtel, (CH) Masterclass at Atelier Musical

March 13-14-15 Malleray-Bévillard (CH), SOLO performance @USINE SONORE festival

March 12, Renens/Lausanne (CH) @ECAL Workshop and concert around Christian Marclay. With ensemBle baBel 

March 6, Winston-Salem, NC  UNCSAX ensemble performs Laurent Estoppey NFM

March 1, Winston-Salem, NC, NCSA, Nicholas Rich master recital.

February 11, Greensboro, NC, Gatewood Gallery / UNCG The encounter of the immobile, performance and installation. Guest Conspicuous convulsions

February 7, Greensboro, NC, Empire Books, COLLAPSS 6/Fringe Festival

February 6, Greensboro, NC, Scuppernong Books, La rencontre de l'immobile/the encounter of the immobile, solo LP album launch

February 2, London (UK) @King's Place  We Spoke: Song

January 31, Southampton (UK) We Spoke: Song + composers workshop

January 27, Lausanne, Switzerland, @SMC We Spoke: Song. Music by Matthew Shlomowitz, Antoine Joly/Johan Treichel and Bernhard Lang. With Juliet Fraser, Serge Vuille and Kerry Young.

January 14, Chapel Hill, NC, Nightlight, Conspicuous Convulsions


December 20 Greensboro, NC, @Empire Books, COLLAPPS 5

December 14 Chapell Hill, NC, @The Cave, NCSE saxophone ensemble

December 1 Gland (CH) Darius Milhaud / La création du monde, with Sinfonietta Lausanne

November 30 Lausanne (CH) ensemBle baBel plays Exit Music (Honegger vs. Radiohead) with painter Olivier Saudan

November 27-29 Vevey (CH) @théâtre de l'Oriental, Song by We Spoke music by Bernhard Lang, Matthew Schlomowitz and Antoine Joly

November 22 Greensboro, NC COLLAPSS 4. Music by S.Landis, T.Johnson, N.Rich, Marin Marais

November 14 Greensboro, NC UNCG saxophone Ensemble will perform my piece NFM premiered in Neuchâtel on Oct 27

November 1-2 Greensboro, NC Tarot de Marseille, part of Art in on Odd Places  (AiOP)

October 27 Neuchâtel (CH) Temple du bas  (CH) Ballade by Franck Martin with Ensemble Symphonique Neuchâtel+ premiere of Estoppey new piece for saxophone ensemble

October 26 Fleurier (CH) Ballade by Franck Martin with Ensemble Symphonique Neuchâtel 

October 23 Neuchâtel (CH)  Conservatory. Masterclass around Frank Martin's Ballade

October 18 Lausanne (CH) ensemBle baBel @Art & Fiction Johncage101, the anniversary of the anniversary.  Performances, videos, sound installations. 

October 4, Greensboro, NC, Empire Books, COLLAPSS no3

September 29, Winston-Salem, NC, UNCSA, Composers in the hood, solo piece by Nicholas Rich

September 28 Greensboro, NC North Carolina Saxophone Ensemble and "Komposition" by Isabel Mundry, Carolina saxophone day.

September 26 Greensboro, NC, UNCG New music Festival, solo piece by Nicholas Rich

September 6 Bern (CH) "...je fais qu'passer!..." 20 improvisers around a game/concept by Laurent Estoppey.  Part of the Bern Musikfestival and ASM festival

August 23 Greensboro, NC, COLLAPSS no2 @empire books, with Nicholas Rich, Steven Landis, Steve Stusek

July 7 Château de Chillon, Montreux Jazz Festival. from 9am to 9pm. USINE by John Supko. ensemBle baBel.

June 19 Roma, Swiss Insitute, Music for Forum degli disegnatore

June 7-9 Quarna (Italy) Saxophone Masterclass. Saxforum.it

June 6 City Club Pully (CH) 1 + 1 + vincent capes + dragos tara. Artefact

May 26 Lausanne (CH) ensemBle baBel plays at Ecole Sociale de Musique. Music by Christian Marclay, Tom Johnson, Gyorgy Kurtag, baBel

May 25 Lausanne (CH) Prince revisited. With Edmée Fleury_voice, François Rossi_drums, Antonio Albanese_guitar, Laurent Estoppey_saxophone

May 10 Greensboro, NC, COLLAPSS no1 @empire books, with Nicholas Rich, Steven Landis, Steve Stusek

April 21 Cherokee, Iowa Cherokee Symphony Orchestra with soloist Laurent Estoppey. Pieces by Marcello, Sarasate and Guerandi (world premiere)

April 16 Stormlake, IA, Masterclasses for Middle and High Schools

April 12 Greensboro, Leadership Institute. Saxophone duet with Steve Stusek

April 6/7 Amsterdam. USINE by John Supko. ensemBle baBel. A 21 hours piece hosted by the Minimal Music Festival

March 17 Bern (CH) Jatekok by Gyorgy Kurtag. ensemBle baBel

March 13-16 Vevey (CH) Prince (re) visited. Songs and musics by Prince freely adapted. With Edmée Fleury (voice), François Rossi (drums), Antonio Albanese (guitar), Laurent Estoppey (saxophone and electronics)

March 9 Lausanne (CH) Discollectif, festival Rue du Nord

March 5 Usine PTR Geneva (CH) Meril Wubslin

March 5 Lausanne (CH) Prenez une simple chaise pliable. ensemBle baBel presents its last performance of 100 around john cage www.johncage100.ch

March 4 Lausanne (CH) EPFL, Conques for Alice, ensemBle baBel

February 19 Columbus State University duet with Steve Stusek. Music by David Lang, Kaspar Ewald, Richard Power, Marc Mellits, Maurizio Guerandi, Laurent Estoppe

February 18 University of South Carolina Sax duet with Steve Stusek and saxophone masterclas

February 16 University of West Virginia Sax duet with Steve Stusek

February 15 University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill Sax duet with Steve Stusek 

February 6 University of Georgia Sax duet with Steve Stusek