a friendly ongoing collaboration with composer Istvàn Zelenka

Par les villages 

June 14 2017

On June 14 2017, in Greensboro, NC a storm provoked an electrical shortage between 9pm and 12am. I grabbed my bari sax, sit on the front porch and improvised for about 25 minutes with the 'silence' (no electrical sounds, AC...), the rain, a barking dog, some cars...cautious not to be heard by the neighbors.

I then thought of Istvan's piece 'A l'entrée du village'

I recorded the text and then created a Max/MSP patch with reads randomly with five players the bari sax sound file beside the text.

Here is a fixed version (among an infinity) of the piece.

Throughout the process, I couldn't help myself but thinking of Peter Handke's book 'Par les villages'

You can download the Max/MSP patch which will allow you to play (perform) as many different random versions as you wish HERE

Just open the file, click on the speaker, then on 'play'

From April 3 6pm till April 4 6pm SCUPPERNONG BOOKS in Greensboro hosted WORDSOMNIA, 24 hours of non-stop reading.

People were invited to read their own creation by ten minute slices

The perfect occasion to premiere Istvàn's Through the exact middle of a line

I performed it twice, at 3:20am (I just woke up, drove there, performed, and got back to bed) and at 4pm

réaction d'Istvàn Zelenka, après écoute et par email, le 8 avril 2015:

'Ce presque un oeuf de Pâques que tu viens de m’adresser, s’est métamorphosé en îles flottantes abritant Robinson qui ne sait pas si il est endormi ou éveillé, navigant entre le passé, le future ou le présent, à qui il s’adresse à plusieurs voix et finalement pourquoi il se prend pour un personnage de conte qui préfère une surprise à une explication.'

bombardoniste 211213jpeg.jpeg