Laurent Estoppey is mainly self taught composer. He uses all sorts of technics from traditional to graphic notation and also uses the electronics as a compositional tool. His works include concert pieces as well as sound installations and music for video art.


Selection of compositions

CHALLENGER 321 (2018)

for ensemble of nine musicians and video

remix of Pacific 231 by Arthur Honegger, in the arrangement by Olivier Cuendet

Premiered by Nouvel Ensemble Contemporain, Chaux-de-Fonds, CH October 25th 2018

18 (2017) audio score for a quartet of improvisers and video

composed by Laurent Estoppey ( text / video / audio score for a quartet of improvisers ) in September 17 for David Menestres. Premiered on September 12 2017 at Carrack in Durham, NC, by David Menestres_double bass, Jill Christensen_keyboards, Charles Phaneuf_saxophone, Bill McConaghy_trumpet

Speaking of (2016) two performers sharing a keyboard


Mathematics (2016) saxophone, live electronics, live video

Sittin'on (2015) alto saxophone and electronics, commissioned by Vincent Magnin


Ombres de C (1998/2015) saxophone ensemble


Opening lines (2015) piano and slides


Frankie (2014) alto saxophone, electric guitar and electronics, commissioned by Bobbi Thompson and Ariel Kassler


Zap no zap (2014) two saxophones and electronics


La Very Music Boxe  (with water water, 2014) two saxophones and electronics

NFM (2013) saxophone ensemble, commissioned by Conservatoire Neuchâtelois


Le défi de la baleine (2013) suite for saxophone quartet, commissioned by Marquis de Saxe

La rencontre de l’immobile (2013) saxophone and electronics

Anagrammes (2013) two saxophones and electronics

La Ville Qui (with Anne Gillot, 2012) ensemble with electronics, commissioned by Nicati - de Luze Foundation

Voices (2012) saxophone and electronics

Celle-ci et pas une autre (2008) saxophone and electronics, pedagogic work, commissioned by Conservatoire Neuchâtelois

Tombés du ciel (2009) for large ensemble, commissioned by Conservatoire Neuchâtelois

Keine Schönheit ohne Gefahr (2009) variable ensemble

Sympathy with the devil (2005) music for video

La passion (2000) narrator, saxophone and tape

6 polaroïds (1999) saxophone solo

For Marius Borgeaud (1998) music for video, commissioned by Association Marius Borgeaud