envelop/p/e #2

featuring 14 artists from the USA, UK and Switzerland

Images, poems, texts, music scores, a fanzine, a CD, a DVD, and three original artworks by Leigh Ann Hallberg, Chris Vitiello and Mariabrice Sapphocatherin

American release on May 10th 2019, 7pm @Scuppernong Books, Greensboro, NC


Orders by email: estolaurent@gmail.com

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Title of #2 is:

A rose, mummies, an apple, memories, a call

Le titre du numéro #2 est:

une rose, des momies, une pomme, des souvenirs, un appel

For envelop/p/e #2 Winston-Salem based artist Leigh Ann Hallberg created 100 original prints of leaves

For envelop/p/e #2 Durham based artist Chris Vitiello created 100 original envelopes

For envelop/p/e #2 Hull (UK) based artist Mariabrice Sapphocatherin created 100 original prison tattoos

Contributions by:

Emily Leon

Cassandra Weston

Chris Vitiello

Andrew Weathers

Stuart Dischell

Steve Mitchell

Leigh Ann Hallberg

Mariabrice Sapphocatherin

Tilo Steireif

Pascal Desarzens

Olivier Cuendet

Dragos Tara

Istvàn Zelenka

Collectif HELP

Mariabrice Sapphocatherin, musician/visual artists, Hull, UK

Mariabrice Sapphocatherin was born in New Yorkbrussels in 199481. It is mostly active in improvisation as a pianistcellist. It met in Huddersfield in 2018, where it lives. It has worked together on various new music works and art performances by Émilie Girard Charest and Outi Condit and also other people. 100 prison tattoos is its first collaboration as a visual artist. As a non-composer, Mariabrice Sapphocatherin is now working on a non-piece for any performer playing any instrument and it is called Watching Paint Dry.

Steve Mitchell, writer, Greensboro, NC

Steve Mitchell is an award-winning writer and journalist, published in december magazine, Southeast Review, storySouth, among others. His novel, Cloud Diary, is published by C&R Press and was shortlisted for the Sir Walter Raleigh Award. His book of short stories is The Naming of Ghosts from Press 53. He is a winner of the Curt Johnson Prose Prize and the Lorian Hemingway International Short Story Prize. He has a deep belief in the primacy of doubt and an abiding conviction that great wisdom informs very bad movies. He’s co-owner of Scuppernong Books in Greensboro, NC. where he lives with his partner, writer Deonna Kelli Sayed.

Andrew Weathers, musician, Littlefield, TX

Andrew Weathers (b.1988) is a composer and improviser originally from Chapel Hill, NC currently based in Littlefield, TX. His music engages with notions of place, tradition, repetition, and spirit. He studied composition at UNC-Greensboro and electronic music at Mills College in Oakland, CA.

A consistent presence in the underground music scene over the past decade, Andrew's work covers a wide spectrum from solo acoustic guitar to the utopic future folk of Andrew Weathers Ensemble. He also performs and records regularly with Tethers, Real Life Rock & Roll Band, Satin Spar, and Common Eider, King Eider, among others. In addition to his busy performing schedule, Weathers helps run Full Spectrum Records and Other Minds Records, and works as a freelance mixing and mastering engineer.

Olivier Cuendet, musician, painter, Lausanne, CH

Olivier Cuendet a été, est ou sera cuisinier, jardinier, orchestrateur, époux heureux, lecteur compulsif, chef d’orchestre, cinéphile, gourmet, compositeur, organisateur, père, peintre, listeur (faiseur de listes), joueur, oenophile, agnostique, fondateur d’ensemble, arrangeur, européen, directeur de machins, blanc, masculin, enveloppeur, francophone; il est né à Lausanne au chemin de Mornex, la même année que Stanisław Kawulok.

Emily Leon, artist, Durham, NC

Emily Leon is an Independent Scholar, Art Historian, Drummer, Performer, & Sound Enthusiast currently based in Durham, North Carolina. She holds an MA in Digital Art History from Duke University and a BA in Art History summa cum laude from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.

Stuart Dischell, poet, Greensboro, NC

Stuart Dischell is the author of six books of poems, most recently Children with Enemies (Chicago), Standing on Z (Unicorn), and Backwards Days (Penguin).

Istvàn Zelenka, Geneva, CH

- moi, Istvàn Zelenka, je suis compositeur, quelqu’un qui met des choses ensembles ;

- je compose parfois avec des sons et des silences,                                                                                                                                                                                      

 ou/et avec des mouvements et  postures du corps humain,

ou/et avec des fragments de syllabes, ou/et de mots, ou/et de phrases, ou/et de textes divers dans quelques langues,

        ou/et avec des couleurs  et des formes sur ordinateur,

ou/et ;

- je suis un apprenti inspirateur qui ne donne pas des ordres de marche                                                                                                                                             

mais invite à la participation autonome et complice à la création personnelle d’aventure(s)                                                                                         

 que je propose à toute personne qui en aurait envie :