July 26th, Columbia, SC @curiosity cafe with Polyorchard

July 27th, Knoxville, TN, @house show with Polyorchard

July 28th, Asheville, NV, @static age records with Polyorchard

September 15, Bern, CH ensemBle baBel at Musikfestival Bern


January 9-12, Lausanne (CH), @grange de Dorigny, Blabla Data Machine with baBel, Gaël Bandelier, Nicolas Carrel, Flynn Maria Bergman, Alain Freudiger

April 16, Wilmington, NC @Cameron Art Museum with Rob Nathanson and Nancy King



March 2019, Polyorchard Black Mountain with David Menestres, Dan Ruccia and Michael Thomas Jackson

January 2019, Zkrabuj et Chou et Pâté Livalalouve

September 2018 Quadrilatere 6 with Dougie Bowne, Jill Christensen and Louis Schild

June 2018, HiLyeDyeLieDieWhyBye

June 2018, Zkabuj et Chou et Pâté NC3

June 2017 Quadrilatere 5 with Lionel Malric, Juanjose Rivas and Dragos Tara

November 2016 Quadrilatere 4 with BKGDAudio, Christian Garcia and Thomas Peter

September 2016 Cyanotype Quartet Two silent schnauzers with Dan Ruccia, Chris Eubank and Chris Robinson

May 2016 Quadrilatere 3 with David Menestres, Michaël Grébil and Benoît Moreau

March 2016 Sea of Stones music by David Kechley, with Rob Nathanson, guitar

September 2015 Quadrilatere 2  with Ikue Mori, John Menoud and Yann Lecollaire

April 2015 STACKS DVD with Steve Stusek

March 2015 Quadrilatere 1 with Thomas Barrière, Gergely Suto and Andrew weathers

March 2015 Polyorchard, Color Theory in Black and White

January 2015 Vers verres, live performance @White Cube Bermondsey in London, for Christian Marclay

December 2014 Sudden Archives, Julien Sirjacq / the Bells Angels. Recorded @circuit, Lausanne (CH)

February 2014: "La rencontre de l'immobile / The encounter of the immobile" Solo saxophone with live electronics. LP in collaboration with Tristin Miller. Alternate digital mix on French netlabel Thödol

October 2013: "Le lieu, c'est l'horizon sans la mort" Drawing book by Christian G. Guez Ricord, text by Bernar Mialet with a CD by Guez Trio (Laurent Estoppey, Edmée Fleury, François Rossi) . Ed. Venus d'ailleur