Volume 2

Ikue Mori / John Menoud / Yann Lecollaire


Laurent Estoppey - Saxophone, Field recordings, Laptop
Yann Lecollaire - Laptop, Synthetizer, Keyboards, Clarinets, Sampler
John Menoud - Electric guitar, Percussion, Analog Synthetizer MS-20, Lo-Fi Electronics, Field recordings, Porn Field recordings, Indian Harmonium, Bansuri Flute, Laptop
Ikue Mori - Laptop

All compositions by Laurent Estoppey, Yann Lecollaire, John Menoud and Ikue Mori

Recorded between May and June 2015
Mastered by Andrew WEATHERS
Produced by Laurent ESTOPPEY
Associate production - THÖDOL & ANIMA
Artwork by Ikue MORI (from 'Beads' & 'Dolls') 
Design by Vincent CAPES
Thanks to All the artists involved in this project and Ikue MORI for the photos


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