Microtonal Symposium “Small is beautiful”

Salzburg, June 29th 2019

Hosted by International Ekmelik Music Society and Agustin Castilla-Avila, I was invited to present a solo concert, as well as

three pieces in duo with guitarists Yvonne Zehner and William Anderson.

As introductions/transitions between the pieces, I invited the composers to talk about their relation to microtonality as well as presenting their piece, in a short one minute recording.

William Anderson J’entends le moulin (2019)*

Donald Bousted Four comedic studies (2001)

Maurizio Guerandi My Love is a Journey without End (2019)*

Aaron Bachelder Four miniatures (2019)*

Navid Bargrizan Pictures at the Micro-exhibition (2018)

Agustin Castilla-Avila Day out of time (2019)*

William Anderson Ziguezon (2019)*