Solo performances by Laurent Estoppey are made of written music and/or improvisations, with or without electronics. 

angel of despair

composed by Hiroyuki Itoh for solo alto saxophone, rec nov 2014

always something there to rewind me (version 1)

composed by Nicholas Rich for saxophone and electronics, rec sept 2013

CHATting up

composed by Rodney Waschka for soprano sax and electronics, French version, rec May 2012

Out of the house

remix for Prélude Association / Benoît Moreau and Immanuel de Souza, Dec 2012


composed by Tom Johnson, premiered by Laurent Estoppey, 2008

Video / Neither appearance nor illusion

 after Joseph Kosuth, composed and improvised by Laurent Estoppey, Live at l'Imprimerie, Lausanne, 2011

jonas kocher / play along

for tenor saxophone and 6 tape recorders