Volume 3

Michaël Liberg / Benoit Moreau / David Menestres



Laurent ESTOPPEY - Saxophone, Laptop
Σichaël山IBERG - Field recordings, Electronics, chance operations, Ceterina d’amore, voice, Piano, guitar and some other stuffs
David MENESTRES - Balloons, Computer, Double bass, Field recordings
Benoît MOREAU - Electronics

Compositions by Laurent ESTOPPEY, Σichaël山IBERG, David MENESTRES, Benoît MOREAU

Recorded between March and April 2016
Mastered by Andrew WEATHERS
Producted by Laurent ESTOPPEY
Associate production THÖDOL & ANIMA
Design by Vincent CAPES
Thanks to all the artists involved in this project.
The Revealed Symmetry :  vimeo.com/163682311 


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