non-imaginary landscape

audio-graphic score for Polyorchard

may 2018




Non-imaginary landscape was created at the same time as a sound piece (original composition for Quadrilatere n°6) and as an audio score for improvisers.


Source material :


John Cage Overpopulation and art / a mesostic poem. reading on January 28 1992.


John Cage Quartet 1 (1976) Radio Sinfonie Orchester Frankfurt


Footage from  CNN TV reports (Philando Castile shooting and others unnamed)


Soundfiles from



The material has been carefully chosen, chance operations determined their timing.

Very small adjustments in time (within a second) have been made afterward.



The players listen to the soundfile through headphones (the audience doesn’t hear it)


React as quick as possible to the sounds (footage and soundfiles), imitate them as closely as you can.


Play only when you hear them or when you feel the necessity to play with John Cage’s voice or music.


Pay, or don’t pay attention to the other players.


duration 5’


laurent estoppey, march 2018



Premiered at Black Mountain College, March 31st 2018

Dan Ruccia, viola

David Menestres, double bass

Michael Thomas Jackson, clarinet

Laurent Estoppey, saxophone