September 7, Greensboro, NC, @Scuppernong Books Collapss

September 12, Durham, NC @Carrack Modern, Polyorchard Exsufflation series/  Premier of ARTini for ensemble by Laurent Estoppey

November 3, Greensboro, NC @GPS Collapss / sound installation and performance for First Friday

November 4, Greensboro, NC @GPS Finally alone, solo by Laurent Estoppey

November 9, Greensboro, NC, @Scuppernong Books Poetry with Stuart Dischell

November 15, Geneva (CH) Boléro by Maurice Ravel with l'Orchestre de la Suisse Romande, conducted by Jonathan Nott

December 4, Lausanne (CH) @Le Bourg ensemBle baBel / LUFT / The LP Company premiere: Mr Smith presents: Music for Cars vol.12

December 9, Rio de Janeiro @Novas Frequencias Festival ensemBle baBel plays Christian Marclay

December 13, Sao Paulo @Novas Frequencias Festival ensemBle baBel plays Christian Marclay

December 16, Greensboro, NC @Glenwood Bookstore Zkrabuj et Chou et Pâté with Luc Müller

December 17, Greensboro, NC Live@radio WUAG  Zkrabuj et Chou et Pâté with Luc Müller

March 21/22, Wilmington, NC @UNCW New Music Festival From darkness into light by William Neil



June 2017 Quadrilatere 5 with Lionel Malric, Juanjose Rivas and Dragos Tara

November 2016 Quadrilatere 4 with BKGDAudio, Christian Garcia and Thomas Peter

September 2016 Cyanotype Quartet Two silent schnauzers with Dan Ruccia, Chris Eubank and Chris Robinson

May 2016 Quadrilatere 3 with David Menestres, Michaël Grébil and Benoît Moreau

March 2016 Sea of Stones music by David Kechley, with Rob Nathanson, guitar

September 2015 Quadrilatere 2  with Ikue Mori, John Menoud and Yann Lecollaire

April 2015 STACKS DVD with Steve Stusek

March 2015 Quadrilatere 1 with Thomas Barrière, Gergely Suto and Andrew weathers

March 2015 Polyorchard, Color Theory in Black and White

January 2015 Vers verres, live performance @White Cube Bermondsey in London, for Christian Marclay

December 2014 Sudden Archives, Julien Sirjacq / the Bells Angels. Recorded @circuit, Lausanne (CH)

February 2014: "La rencontre de l'immobile / The encounter of the immobile" Solo saxophone with live electronics. LP in collaboration with Tristin Miller. Alternate digital mix on French netlabel Thödol

October 2013: "Le lieu, c'est l'horizon sans la mort" Drawing book by Christian G. Guez Ricord, text by Bernar Mialet with a CD by Guez Trio (Laurent Estoppey, Edmée Fleury, François Rossi) . Ed. Venus d'ailleurs