ZUGUNRUHE for alto saxophones ensemble

Composition by Anne Gillot and Laurent Estoppey


Zugunruhe (pronounced German pronunciation: [ˈtsuːkˌʔʊnʁuːə]) is a German compound word consisting of Zug (move, migration) and Unruhe (anxiety, restlessness).

In ethology it describes anxious behavior in migratory animals, especially in birds during the normal migration period.

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Hi everyone! Thanks for joining Zugunruhe!

Please read the following information about the score.



The score is an audio score. You have to download it below, according to a group number (1 to 4) that Dr.Stusek will provide you.

During the performance, you'll need to have a device (smartphone, mp3...) with your group  soundfile and headphones.


The duration of the piece is about 20 minutes. Except for a title and a signal after 4 minutes, the first 5 minutes are blank, in order to be prepared to start. So the file's duration is about 25'

Please, practice a little bit the way of starting the sound on your device as accurately as possible.

If you have time, go through the score one (or more!) time.

Start a little bit before 5'00'' to practice


Except for a couple of notes, the whole piece is played in the upper register with the octava key pressed throughout.

In a general way, the instructions are often followed by the words '3 2 1 go / 3 2 1 stop' or 'go / stop'. Always keep playing till the next signal.


I'm hoping everything will be clear enough, we'll practice together during the saxophone ensemble rehearsal.


I'm very excited to meet you all on October 8th!